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Where music, gaming become one

As the video game industry continues to grow and develop at a rapid fire rate, it’s important to evaluate where the music business fits into all this, typically through sync licensing and brand partnerships.

Guest post by Jacob Block of The Orchard’s The Daily Rind

The video game industry has been rapidly developing and growing every year, and 2020 did not disappoint with an estimated revenue that reportedly exceeded both sports and film combined. With such a boom industry wide, it seems like a perfect time to reflect on where the music industry fits into all of this, namely through sync licensing and brand partnerships

It’s no secret that sync licensing has always been an effective way to both organically spike activity on a track and collect an upfront sync fee that can range from found money to a generous lump sum. However, with conventional forms of media such as television, film, and advertising, sometimes the impact isn’t lasting. This is why the gaming industry is so interesting in regards to sync – it provides moments of peak innovation that can and will stand the test of time. 

Anyone who owned a console, remembers their first – whether it be Gameboy Color or N64,

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