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One of the advantages of working from home – due to one thing and another – has been listening to more music than I have done probably since I was a student. Without the Melody Maker to guide me, I’ve had to turn to new sources of inspiration, one of which has been Sound of Gaming (BBC Radio 3 & BBC Sounds), which was towards the end of a run at the start of lockdown, and is in the middle of another now.

A lot of the music featured is the sort of big orchestral stuff you find in a lot of blockbuster games. That’s all good and well, but some of the more esoteric choices encouraged me to fall down an enjoyable video game soundtrack Spotify rabbit hole.

Where to start

There are some obvious start points. Most of the London Philharmonic Orchestra‘s Greatest Video Game Music is what the cover suggests – a lot of bombast – but there are some bits of fun there too: Zelda, Mario, Tetris and, oddly enjoyably, Angry Birds.

Video Games Live offers more of the same, with – as noted when I wrote about the first album in 2008 – the bonus of a bit of penchant for ludicrous rock. Just ignore the latest releases on their Spotify page – it looks like some fake artist nonsense.

Into the rabbit hole

But it’s playlists

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