Command & Conquer Is a Fever Dream of ’90s War Reporting With a Soundtrack That Absolutely Rocks – Paste Magazine

Remember Westwood Studios? Let’s take a trip back to the ‘90s, where journalists like Christiane Amanpour didn’t use the phrase “Forever War” even though they were soundly in the midst of covering it. Let’s take a trip back to Command & Conquer.

This week, I’ve been cramming a lifetime’s worth of A Total War Saga: Troy into my brain. I needed to talk coherently about it, and the best way I know how to do that is shove as much as I possibly can of it as quickly as possible into my system—half-measures are for the weak.

And I realized something, I had never played a Total War before.

In fact, I hadn’t played anything even vaguely resembling an RTS in decades. Literal decades. Nearly three of them.

It’s not my genre. I’m not good at it. You’ve seen the articles about the reaction time drop-off rate in people after their late teens, the impossible Actions Per Minute that professional Starcraft players are able to achieve. Let’s just say that twitch responses have never been my strong suit. And I’ve never been good at processing large volumes of information quickly.

So, yeah, obviously when it came to strategy war games, “Real Time” was not something that was ever going to get along with me. But in 1995,

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